Testimonials From Sailcraft Customers

"Just a short note to report on a very good experience that we had recently at a North Carolina boat yard. By way of background, we have been cruising off and on since the middle 70s and have spent time in a few boat yards. We have always been a DIY (do it yourself) crew. We certainly have a list of boat yards that we will not return to as I'm sure that many of you do. But on our short list of very favorable boat yards is Sailcraft in Oriental, North Carolina. They did everything they said they would, made many timely suggestions on our repair projects, offered to "stop by" and offer opinions (at no cost), were extremely friendly and courteous, provided some limited assistance at no cost on small things, saved us money on a key part, and the cost was very very reasonable. The boss and his staff of 15 or so were very knowledgeable and very accessible. What a great experience if one can have a great experience in ! a yard. What a well run business!"
Roger & Marie Rippy, Aboard SV Tin Cup

"Many thanks to SailCraft Marina for their excellent service! We had minor rudder

damage and the GPS needed to be replaced. Plus, the stern light was disconnected during the installation of the generator. We pulled into Oriental (after a pit stop on the bar at Whittaker Creek – Tow Boat US ) and were hauled to check for damage to the rudder prior to going to sea. Great job!"
SV Devante's

"We have had work done at Sailcraft, and you won't find a more helpful group of folks anywhere. Alan Arnfast, who seems to be the boss there, is a wonderfully helpful person, and he has, on several occasions, just dropped what he was doing to help us. Sailcraft is now our boatyard of choice in Oriental. You won't be sorry going there!" - J. Deal